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Obviously, the way you build a routine for your baby or toddler and your preteen is completely different. The universal truth though is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Below I have listed some factors that you can use to adjust how you are going to create and maintain a healthy skincare routine for your kids according to their age. The most wonderful stage of child development after the baby stage is the toddler to preschooler age.

The most wonderful stage of child development after the baby stage is the toddler to preschooler age. They are so curious and their brains are like a computer, capturing and retaining a lot of data. It is during this stage that you can start planning a fun but stern skincare routine.

Begin by teaching the importance of handwashing. If the pandemic has taught us something, it is that we had kinda sporadic hygiene habits before. I mean, can you picture eating a birthday cake that your office colleague has blown on now? OMG now it sounds gross, but we alllll know that we allll did it, honey!) LOL

Anyway, I digress.

This is a great age to incorporate a hand and face washing regimen in the morning and the evening. If your child is not keen on having water directly splashed on their face, then you can teach them to use a damp face towel.

Maybe make a game out of it and use our gentle and fun products while you do.

Ages 6-9

Kids this age are more understanding and independent; you will not struggle to instill a healthy skincare regimen, especially if you got started with the basics when they were younger.

All you need to do at this age is reinforce good hygiene habits, and if you are still struggling, maybe incorporate a reward system.

Start them off with our gentle Tear-Free Cleanser that provides a mild cleaning that will leave the face feeling cleaner, softener, and moisturized. You can follow this up with our oh-so-delicious Yummy Yoghurt Face Cream that is perfect for young skin because it not only moisturizes but maintains the ability to allow your skin to breathe. As a last step, you can try out our Hydrate-n-Jelly that will cool the skin, giving it a perfect natural glow.

Ages 10-12

Preteens are at a fun age. They are mini-teenagers without the extreme mood swings. Your role for this age is to be a support structure for your child.

They probably have some level of independence and they are on their own journey, with friends and peer pressure. You can still be the enforcer, but chances are that your child has their own routine by now.

If you are just starting out at this age, your job will be easier. They need a simple regimen that they can follow and kid-friendly products that will hopefully spare them the acne and horrid skin that is awaiting when puberty hits.


Teaching your kids the importance of good skincare habits will have long-lasting effects. A healthy diet will also contribute to the health of your child’s skin. Keep it simple, keep it fun, and practice patience with your yummy gumdrop. All the best Sugar!

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