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I’m tickled pink to sprinkle some sweet news your way! We’ve just whipped up a delightful new dessert-themed spa line that’s crafted to help your kid spa business flourish and keep those little clients coming back for more pampering fun.

Just picture the giggles and grins as your young clients dive into our:

  • Ice Cream Mani/Pedi Soaks and Scrubs: Perfect for adding a scoop of excitement to any spa day.
  • Face Frosting: So cute and fun to apply, it’ll make facials the highlight of their visit.
  • Body Icing: Rich and fluffy as a well-risen pound cake, offering a luxurious experience that even parents will envy.
  • Cake Mix Mani/Pedi Soak: This playful twist on the classic soak will have them bubbling with joy.
  • Milkshake Manicure Station: Where kids can whip up their own manicures with real whipped cream cleansers – it’s the cherry on top of a memorable spa experience!

Honey, these aren’t just products; they’re your next business boom. They’re designed to turn every treatment into an irresistible draw, bringing families in for a taste and keeping them coming back for the cozy, fun atmosphere you provide. Plus, imagine all the sweet posts they’ll share of their little ones having a blast in your spa – talk about delicious free marketing!

Ready to make your spa the talk of the town? Add a dash of our magical spa line to your menu and watch the appointments roll in like never before.

Stay sweet and fabulous! 💕

P.S. Don’t forget to snap some adorable pics and share them with us using #SugarAndSpiceSpaCreations! Can’t wait to see how you bring these treats to life in your spa!

WATCH a live demo here:

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